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3 Strong reason to Enrol for ONLINE Courses and Workshop

  • Online yoga teacher training can be a great way to start your career if you don’t live near a good yoga studio

  • If you can’t afford the time or cost associated with traditional yoga teacher training programs 

  • Online yoga training or home study programs can also help you fulfil continuing education credits and continue your yoga education 


Below is a comprehensive list of study material, online courses and workshops on Yoga

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Available Online Yoga Courses


Online Yoga Workshops

Integrated Sun Salutation (ISS) W/ Integrated Movements & Kinesiology
Traditionally Sun salutations are collection of saluting Yogasana’s (Yoga Postures) to sun, performed dynamically as vinyasa (flow). Moving effectively from one posture to other is a science, art and essential to an Energetic and not Lethargic feeling after your Sun Salutations.

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Standing Balancing Asana (SBA) W/ Glut’s Isolated Activated to Integration
Standing on our legs is what we have been learn from the childhood, walking is weight shift machanism that is a part of balancing system, but when it comes to balance on single leg in yoga classes for a bit longer then usual (that happnes for milisecond in walking), for some of us it becomes really difficult. The most effective muscle to keep your pelvis balanced on top of one hip is Glutues Medius and only its effective integration can keep you stand longer on single leg without flickering. This may sound simple but an effective integration of this muscle require a proper length and tension balance between its opposing muscles.This workshop is planed to asses and correct these muscle imbalances in making your Yoga practice more effective that in period of time you will regain your physical and physiological balances. The workshop will also improve your gait and standing stamina.

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Psoas and it’s integration in intensive forward bends (3.5 Hrs)
Latissimus Dorsi and its integration essentials in twisting asana (3.5 Hrs)
Abdomino-pelvic stability and role of breathing in essential to advance backward bending asana (2.5 Hrs)