Magnify’ Your Teaching Skills

Yoga has gotten very popular around the globe in recent few years, There are thousands of yoga studios, schools and institutes offer many styles of yoga classes,  yoga teacher training courses, workshops, events, Continuing yoga education and a lot more.

At a survey conducted by Abbysan Yoga on general reason to visit yoga studio, the 80% people expect to become flexible and healthy through yoga. Unless you are a hot yoga studio it would be a really hard task to help every student to archive optimum functional flexibility, and unless you are teaching most traditional yoga (in normal room temperature) it’s nearly impossible to become healthy.

The only ways to help achieve your clients (phrased for studio owners) or students (phrased for instructors or teachers) optimum functional flexibility and health requires combination of techniques like PNF, SASR, Manual mobilization techniques in Combination to general yoga practices, Pose sequence and special techniques for hip, knee, ankle, and shoulder flexibility.

We have carefully designed and assembled the most effective techniques for tremendous results, in our teacher training courses and 3 Classical Subscriptions to Magnify’ your Teaching skills. 

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