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A Foundation course is required to develop strong foundation for your self and teaching practices. The most efficient 200-hrs International Teacher Training Course in Hatha Style enables you to start a whole new career in which you can have a positive Impact on others as a certified yoga instructors. This course offers, in-depth knowledge of Yogic practices, different traditions of yoga and the philosophies behind them.

More then just knowing the historical and philosophical background of YOGA that most of the courses around the world offer this course has a scientific approach to your Practice and Teaching.

If you follow the content of course as suggested, I personally guaranty,  you can teach your first class with confidence right after the course.

Many 200 Hrs YTTC are designed to complete at once or in part time basis…and unfortunately they are so much focused on the completion of assigned 200 hrs, that students hardly get enough time to absorb the course material. On the other hand the part time course are slow and sluggish that students finds hard to correlate the material from the previous session. According to my experience, i find that 200 hr YTTC if separated in two levels Level 1 that is Online and Level 2 which is Live for 10 days, provides enough time to self practice and absorb the contents of this course. Although, mode of teaching level 1 is online, all students must note that they will be assessed on the first day of Level 2 course.



Its compulsory to complete level 1 course online with in 2-3 months. Once Level 1 course is completed students are required to take up Level 2 course on next date that is announced in and also informed by email to all the students have enrolled for Level 1 Course.


Course Curriculum

Level 1
Level 1 Foundation Course (80 Hrs)
  • Yoga philosophy, lifestyle and ethics for Yoga teacher
  • Basic anatomy & physiology of Yoga
  • 60 Hatha Yoga warm ups
  • 6 Sun salutation sequence with related postures
Level 2
Level 2 Foundation Course (100 Hrs)
  • Teaching methodology includes principles of Asana practice, keys to alignments, sequencing Yogasana and lesson planning
  • Techniques training and practices including 32 Classical Hatha Yoga postures from essential-beginner group) Pranayama, Mudra, Bandha, Kriya, Dharana, Dhyana and their spiritual & health benefits
  • Keys to organise and manage a successful Yoga business
Practicum, Assignments & Exam (20 Hrs)
  • 5 Hrs group class teaching in our studio (Contact)
  • 2 Hrs adjustments and correction under the guidance of Dr Abhishek (Contact)
  • Work in small groups, prepare classes with colleagues, exchange ideas and learn how to teach and assist others as they teach (Non-Contact)
  • Daily or Weekly assignments (Non-Contact)
  • Theory exam (Multiple choice questions)
  • Practical exam (Teaching and Demonstration)
Tuition Fee

All students must enrol for Foundation course Level 1 and 2 at the same time. However the payments can be made separately 10 days in advance before commencing date of each Level. Please be reminded that your space for Level 2 is only confirmed after the full payment.


Level 1 Online; 20,000 THB + Level 2 Live in Group; 46,000 THB (for applicants who wish to complete the course in Thailand)

Hong Kong:

Level 1 Online; 5,000 HKD + Level 2 Live in Group; 11,800 HKD (for applicants who wish to complete the course in Hong Kong)



Apply for Foundation course in Three steps:

  1. Fill the online application form.
  2. Download the 6 Pre-Course Assignments
  3. Email the Answers to questions in each assignments with in 10 days, individually or all at once.

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